You worked hard to straighten those teeth.

Let's keep 'em
in place


Ultra simple, popup-in retainersshipped right to your door

3D scan your teeth

We'll connect you with a local doctor to make sure you are healthy and capture a 3D image of your teeth

Shipped to you

A fresh set of retainers are at your door every 3 months

Keep 'em straight

Pop in your retainers every night before bed to keep your teeth straight forever.

A better grip to hold
things in place

No matter how you straightened your teeth, they will naturally want to shift back.

Simple retainers get deeper into the grooves of your teeth to firmly keep them straight - without the need of any invasive procedures.

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Oh so comfy

Our tri-layer engineering makes for more flexibility, and more comfort, with less noticeable fit.

$59Every 3 months