We do things a little different

We advertise against DIY aligner companies and instead drive patients to a local doctor for healthier treatment. Doctors get paid to see Simple patients and can also use our US based manufacturing as an aligner lab.

Aligners Simplified

After decades in the dental industry we set out to answer:
how can we make aligners better?


US Made

This means higher quality and 2x faster turn around time on average.


Technology driven

Faster treatment with less discomfort, 90% fewer revisions, and 1/3 the attachments.



The best aligners on the market also happen to be some of the most affordable on the market.

Better material. Better treatment.

40% lower initial pressure means less discomfort for the patient with a steady sustained force that cuts wear time by 50%.

3x better retention. 5x fewer attachments.

Designed to be more retentive and significantly reduce the need for attachments. All without sacrificing on patient comfort.

Submit cases in seconds

Our in-house orthodontists do the heavy lifting, you just send us your files.

Lab rates that make sense

$1299unlimited aligners for 5 years
$28per aligner

Faster, higher quality and still more affordable

  I can't believe how effective, comfortable, and affordable Simple has made these.  

Dr Molina, Florida

Its like they are not even there!

I believe when you smile you can bring a lot of good energy into a room. Simple helped me do that and at affordable price!

- Ricuarte, Miami

Wow these feel so much better

I started my treatment with another aligner company and when that was going poorly I moved to Simple. Geez what a difference.

- Carolina, Austin

Makes so much sense

Ive been treating with aligners for 15 years and feel like someone finally got it right

- Dr Williams, Phoenix

2 ways to Get Started

Send your aligner cases to Simple, just like any other lab

Receive patient referrals from Simple to treat like any other patient