Protect your teeth from
the night grind

Whether its stress, passion or a mystery, keep those choppers protected with a super thin, super strong barrier.


The next level of engineering.

Incredibly thin, majorly flexy and strong as hell

A single
re-enforced, ultra thin, and invisible night guard

That means you have just have one barely know its there guard to protect your little babies.

Simple right?

A tough, barely noticeable night gurdshipped right to your door


3D scan your teeth

Get a 3D scan of your teeth from a local doctor


Knock Knock

Night guard here - every month, use them and abuse them

Oh so comfy

Our tri-layer engineering makes for more flexibility, and more comfort, with a less noticeable fit.

Tooth gripping liner

The inner layer creates a better grab on the teeth to move them into place without the need of added support

Flexible elastic center

The hyper-elastic center is engineered for flexibility and strength that gives the aligner its perfect fit.

Protective outer shell

A barrier against stains, and impact not only protect the aligner, but also your pearly whites.

Simple pricing too

$15Per month
$30Per month